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710-3990 / 660-8694

(Telephone Numbers)


24 Osmena St. , Lucena City




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  1. May I know if u have a schedule trip Lucena to Banton on Wed May 20. If you have one, what is the departure time from Dalahican port? Do you have a mobile number to contact re trip schedules? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

    You can get in touch with me fast thru SMS (09186152777).

    Mr R Fadrilan
    Tel 8720119
    Mobile 09186152777

  2. How do I call your office from Manila? Seems like I need province code to your 710-3990 / 660-8694 numbers.

    I want to inquire getting on board going to Sibuyan. I also wanted to take with me a motorcycle.

    Please give details how I would do this. I know this much:

    Sundays Dalahican, Lucena City 7:30 PM Romblon
    Wednesdays Dalahican, Lucena City 7:30 PM Romblon

    Is your route—lucena—>banton—>????

    Please include the fare prices person and motorcycle.


    • (043) is the area code for Lucena.

  3. uhm just wanna ask about your ship named MV MUSTANG IF WHERE ARE THEY ARE RIGHT NOW? PLS REPLY…

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